What is Combat 18? 
Combat 18- formerly an independant organization active in the United Kingdom has, over the past decade evolved into a widespread belief in the original C18 credo- Whatever it takes. With no official members, supporters of Combat 18 come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, some with ties to the greater Blood and Honour movement, others holding alegiance elsewhere, and even some without ties to any club whatsoever. Regardless of which banner supporters of Combat 18 stand beneath, they will always have the support of the Blood and Honour movement for their courage and unwavering loyalty to the bottom line.

Are Blood & Honour and Combat 18 the same group?
No! While certain members & supporters of Blood & Honour do endorse and take part in Combat 18 style activism, the majority of members do not. Blood and Honour operates with the understanding that everyone is capable of different things, and not everyone can be expected to do the same thing.
Additionally, one can support Combat 18 without ever becoming a member of Blood and Honour. In fact many of those who claim to be a part of C18 have no real ties to the Blood & Honour movement whatsoever.

Why remain Faceless? 
The Blood and Honour movement does not exist to be boastful or to garner any sort of recognition (whether positive or negative) and so the same modus operandi is expected of all its supporters. Members of Blood and Honour and likewise supporters of Combat 18 should be satisfied in knowing that a task was accomplished without ever needing to know the details.

How can I become a member of Combat 18? 
Combat 18 is the leaderless resistance. This means that there are no members, no rosters and no orders to be passed down. Combat 18’s activism is driven by individual initiative and lower level organization. The term “Leaderless Resistance” does not imply that no leaders exist, but rather that it is the responsibility of everyone to take on a lead role and do what is necessary to ensure the survival of our culture.

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